Happy to share our experience ! Study visit "Modern apple sorting technologies"

Happy to share our experience ! Study visit "Modern apple sorting technologies"

Today, March 23, 2019, our family will host fruit growers from all over the republic during a study visit, organized by APEF Moldova Fruct and USAID / APM.

The study visit "Modern apple sorting technologies" includes the visit to 3 packing houses in the north of the Republic, from Grimăncăuți and Cotiujeni villages. Where more than 50 fruit growers will take a look at our storage and sorting technologies, guided by the specialist in the field of food safety PhD Andrei Cumpanici and the official representatives of the sorting equipment installed in those 3 packing houses.

As long as all of 3 companies have sorting lines purchased from different producers, the participants will have the opportunity to study the sorting equipment in the process, to discuss with the owners, the workers and the official representatives about the positive and negative parts with which they were confronted and to plan their future investments.

This study visit is a positive experience for farmers of the Republic of Moldova because it allows them to make a comparative analysis of the most popular apple sorting equipment without leaving the country's borders.

We as hosts are happy to share our experience and hope you will find it useful!




Happy to meet you at the WORLD FOOD MOSCOW Exhibition on 24-27 September 2019! We'll wait for you at the stand No B311 together with other 16 fruit growers from Moldova. You can use our promo cod for a free entrance ticket : wfm19eKROE



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