Our story started more than 20 years ago in The North of The Republic of Moldova. In our family the love for fruits growing has been worn throughout the generations. In this way, Smarta Ltd was founded in 1999 by Anatolii Caduc who was the first President of the company. In short time almost all the family members were integrated in the managing and apple growing process, and became a dynamic, professional and qualified organization.

Smarta owns 60 ha of apple orchard. The apples are harvested manually and stored in our cold storage rooms. Then sorted according to the weight, size, color and quality, and packaged  in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

From the beginnings our values were: taste and quality. The distinguished taste – guaranteed by the orchards locations. And the great quality due to the solid management.

Our orchards are located in The North of Moldova. There is a village called Grimăncăuți, where apples grow thanks to the passion and love for the land of its producers. It is an advantageous location due to highly favorable agro-ecological conditions. The moderate continental climate and the fertile soils composition among with the higher temperatures in summer and softer winters give our apples a unique flavor, high sugar content as well as rich color and aroma.

We manage the product chain from nursery to sale, and this is the best way to assure the quality.
The technical staff, together with the quality department, are an efficient team equipped with the latest technology. They follow the various production techniques, organize meetings with the members, indicate the best varieties to be planted, and professionally support every product at every stage of the production cycle.
We constantly seek new strategies, technologies and means to be able to offer high quality products, guaranteeing maximum safety along the entire supply chain, from the producer to the consumer.


Taste Quality Product safety Confidence Care }

Supply the best quality apples that our customers desire and our family is proud to produce.


As a family company we want to enclose more family members in working process and support our employees development. Also we aim to expand the company and plant new apple varieties and more fruits species. We are willing to implement the best certification programs and to be more environmental responsible. And the supreme goal is making the taste of Smarta apples known around the world.

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