COOP "SMARTFRUCT" is a producer group of 5 members, specialized in the production of apples.

The aim of the group is to cooperate with conscious fruit producers, omogenise the quantities of the good products in order to reach new markets, and develop the agriculture in our country.

The plantations of the members are located in The North of the Republic of Moldova, Briceni, Grimăncăuți village. The location is advantageous due to the favorable agro-ecological conditions, climate and rich soil, which contributes to the creation of the distinct and particularly good taste of our apples.

The group members own 120 ha of apple orchards. The refrigerated warehouse has a capacity of 2500 t. The apples are carefully collected and stored in refrigerated rooms with controlled atmosphere, in order to maintain the special taste qualities of the fruits. Subsequently, apples are sorted by weight, size and quality at the enterprise sorting line and then packaged according to customer`s requirements.

Apple varieties produced by group members:

Gala Must, Gala Buckeye/Simmons, Super Chief, Golden, Champion, Florina, Jonagold, Idared, Gloster, Mantuan, Spartan, Geneva, Discovery, Prima Rouge, Renet Simerenco.

The founder members of the COOP SMARTFRUCT are:

SRL ” Smarta-as”

GȚ ” Caduc Andrei Anatolii”

GȚ ” Caduc Oleg Filip”

GȚ ” Caduc Cristina Petru”

GȚ ” Gojan Eduard Ivan”



Adress:The Republic of Moldova, Briceni, Grimăncăuți village, MD-4726

Manager: Caduc Andrei

Tel: +373 69889888


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